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Add / Modify Completion

Add / Modify Completion

The Advanced Search does not use the default Elasticsearch completion because it only supports a fixed order and the storage size is high. As an alternative, Advanced Search uses aggregations to find the most important word combinations for your search input.

Adding completion to your definition mapping:

To index our own completion keywords, we need to inject Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Domain\Completion\CompletionDefinitionEnrichment into your ES definition and call enrich methods in getMapping and fetch as following example:


The definition is from the previous example:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

class YourCustomElasticsearchDefinition extends AbstractElasticsearchDefinition
    public function __construct(
        private readonly EntityDefinition $definition,
        private readonly Connection $connection,
        private readonly AbstractSearchLogic $searchLogic,
        private readonly CompletionDefinitionEnrichment $completionDefinitionEnrichment,
        private readonly array $languageAnalyzerMapping
    ) {

    public function getMapping(Context $context): array
        // ...
        return [
            '_source' => ['includes' => ['id']],
            // to add the mapping of completion field in your definition
            'properties' => array_merge($properties, $this->completionDefinitionEnrichment->enrichMapping()),

    public function fetch(array $ids, Context $context): array
        // ...

        // to add the completion keywords to the existing data
        return $this->completionDefinitionEnrichment->enrichData($this->getEntityDefinition(), $documents);

Add/modify completion keywords

By default, each of Shopware's ES definitions has a set of string fields to be considered as completion keywords. This configuration is realized via the parameter %advanced_search.completion%, if the configured fields for your definition are not set, all StringFields of the definition will be used as completion keywords.

For example, you can add or modify this configuration in config/packages/advanced_search.yaml:

            - email
            - company

If you want to have more control over the completion, such as using static texts from files or parsing a field from another data source as completion keywords, you might want to decorate the service \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Domain\Completion\CompletionDefinitionEnrichment::enrichData instead.