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Shopware for developers
Open commerce platform, made easy.

Shopware, the leading open commerce platform, powers exceptional online stores and thrives with a global community of developers, agencies and merchants. With our API and App-centric approach, we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources needed to create outstanding online stores. Our comprehensive documentation empowers your journey with step-by-step guidance, making everything smoother. Documentation at your service!

Extend Shopware

Adoption made easy

Apps are most recommended extensions built via app scripts, app system or app SDKs have access to modify the Shopware's internal database schema and may or may not be deployed on the Shopware server based on the complexity of apps.
Themes can be extended as apps or plugins. They gives you the ability to change your storefront's visual appearance via SCSS/CSS styling and adjusting twig templates. You can also provide JavaScript to change how the storefront behaves in the browser.
Plugins are PHP based core modifications that offer full power of Symfony Bundles. Plugins are extended via plugin system or SDKs. Plugins modify Shopware's internal database schema and are deployed on the Shopware server.
Contribute to Shopware

Our philosophy, your opportunity.

Open source is the most honest, transparent, and secure way to develop software. Together with our global community we’re creating the heart and soul of our ecommerce software.

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