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In Shopware, apps are custom-developed extensions that provide additional functionality and customization options to the e-commerce platform. These apps can be created using the Shopware app SDK, plugin system, or App scripts. Apps are built to serve various purposes.

  • Extending functionality: Apps can add new features and capabilities to the Shopware platform. This includes creating custom payment gateways, implementing advanced shipping methods, or enhancing product catalog management.

  • Modifying existing functionality: Apps can modify or enhance existing functionalities within Shopware. This can involve altering the checkout process, implementing custom pricing rules, customizing the customer management system, or the search functionality.

  • Customizing the user interface: Apps can customize the Storefront and Administration panel of Shopware to provide a unique and tailored experience. This includes creating custom themes, adding custom blocks or elements to the Storefront, or modifying the appearance and layout of the Administration panel.

  • Integrating with external systems: Apps can facilitate integration with external systems to allow seamless data synchronization, order management, and cross-platform interactions.

Shopware apps provide a flexible and modular approach to extend and customize the platform according to specific business requirements.

While plugins and themes are also extensions but they differ from apps. To better understand the differences, take a look at the Overview article.