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Employee Invitation

Employees can be created via Storefront, Store-api, and Administration.

  • Storefront - Business partners can invite employees by logging-in to Storefront and navigating to the employee page. From there, they can add a new employee.
  • Store API - One can utilize the /store-api/employee/create endpoint while logged in as a customer to invite employees.
  • Administration - Merchants can invite employees by logging in to the administration interface. Selects the business partner customer, navigates to the company tab, and adds a new employee account in edit mode.

The invited employee receives an invitation mail that must be confirmed to set a password.

The URL for the invitation acceptance

Upon invitation, the employee will receive an email requiring confirmation to set a password. This process will also activate the employee for the business partners company. The default URL for the acceptance is /account/business-partner/employee/invite/%%RECOVERHASH%%, the recovery hash is used as a unique identifier and is only valid for the invitation of one employee.

How to override the Invitation URL

The default URL can be replaced with a custom URL. This is helpful if you want to provide a custom endpoint. To override it, you need to insert the URL as a string into the key-value system config with the key b2b.employee.invitationURL.

You can find more information about the system config here: System Config.