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General Concepts

General Concepts

Even though the Admin API and the Store API serve very different purposes, they have some commonalities handy to be aware of.

Querying data

For the Admin API these apply to the /search endpoint, whilst for the Store API they apply to almost every endpoint that returns a list of records.

It starts with a very simple underlying concept, which encapsulates your entire search description in one generic object, referred to as the search criteria.

Search Criteria

There are some additional instructions that can be specified using request headers.

Request Headers


Here you find a common approach regarding the way that Shopware provides endpoint references for its APIs:

Generated Reference

API Versioning

Starting with Shopware version, we decided to change our API versioning strategy. The following article will cover what has been done and changed, how it used to be and how the version strategy looks like now.

API Versioning

These topics provide essential foundations for effective API development and usage in Shopware.