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Shopware 6 Toolbox

Shopware 6 Toolbox

Shopware 6 Toolbox is a helper plugin and productivity tool for common tasks for Shopware 6 development. It adds some live templates and scaffolding of common Shopware files.

Shopware Toolbox Screenshot 1

Shopware Toolbox Screenshot 2

Current features

Live templates

Multiple live templates for development. Use Cmd/Ctrl + J to see all live templates available.


  • Vue.js Admin component
  • config.xml
  • Extend Storefront blocks with automatic file creation
  • Vue module
  • Scheduled task
  • Changelog

Static code check

Inspection to show an error when abstract class is used incorrectly in the constructor (guideline check).


  • Admin components
  • Snippets in Administration and Storefront
  • Storefront functions theme_config, config, seoUrl, sw_include and sw_extends
  • Repositories at this.repositoryFactory.create
  • Module.register labels
  • Show only admin component auto-completion when the twig file is next to an index.js
  • Feature flags


Either search for Shopware 6 Toolbox in the JetBrains Marketplace or get it on the marketplace website.

Shopware 6 Toolbox on JetBrains Marketplace