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API Reference

API Reference

The API references provide detailed information about the available endpoints, methods, parameters, request and response formats, and authentication mechanisms of an API. It provides essential information on how to interact with the API, what data can be sent or received, and how to handle different API responses.

These references guide you to use the correct syntax, understand the expected input and output formats, implement the necessary authentication mechanisms and successful API requests and effectively utilize the functionality provided by the API in your applications.

There are two dedicated API reference documents for your reference:

  • Store API reference - Focused on customer-facing aspects, the Store API allows you to access and manipulate data related to products, customer interactions, shopping carts, and others that significantly impact the frontend user experience. It caters to both anonymous and authenticated users.

  • Admin API reference - Primarily for backend and administrative functions, the Admin API enables structured data exchanges, bulk operations, data synchronization, and import-export tasks, addressing the backend needs of the Shopware platform.