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Search and Suggest Routes

Search and Suggest Routes

@Refer: \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Domain\Search\ProductSearchRouteDecorator

ProductSearchRoute is decorated, so when searching for products from the Storefront, a multiSearchResult extension is added to the search product listing result. This extension includes all the search results for each Elasticsearch definition with the tag advanced_search.supported_definition with the given search term.

The same approach applies to ProductSuggestRoute. The only difference is that we added the completion search result as another extension completionResult to the search product listing result.

@Refer: \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Domain\Suggest\ProductSuggestRouteDecorator

You can also subscribe to the event \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Event\MultiContentSearchCriteriaEvent or \Shopware\Commercial\AdvancedSearch\Event\MultiContentSuggestCriteriaEvent to adjust the search criteria.

This decoration approach comes with the benefit that the caching mechanism already works for the decorated search routes.