Lock Storage
Shopware uses Symfony's Lock component to implement locking functionality. By default, Symfony will use a local lock store, this means in multi-machine (cluster) setups naive file locks will break the system, therefore it is highly recommended using one of the supported remote stores.

Using Redis as a lock store

As Redis can already be used for caching, increment store and session storage, you can also use that Redis host as a remote lock store. To use Redis, create a config/packages/framework.yml file with the following content
lock: 'redis://host:port'

Other lock stores

As Shopware uses Symfony's Lock component all lock stores supported by Symfony can be used. Keep in mind that you should always use a remote store if you host shopware in a cluster setup. For a list of all available lock stores refer to Symfony's documentation. There are also more detailed information on the configuration options.
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