6.4 (current)

Store API

We use swagger.io for the documentation of our B2B-Suite endpoints. The created swagger.json file can be displayed with swagger ui.
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The B2B-Suite is compatible with the Shopware 6 Store API.


Every request needs two headers:
  • sw-context-token: At first you'll need to authenticate as a customer by sending a POST request to the /account/login route to obtain a context token.
  • sw-access-key: The access key for the Store API can be found in the administration, when you're editing a SalesChannel.
Please read the official Store API guide to learn more about the authentication.

Route pattern

The route pattern is basically the same as in the admin api, but without the identity identifier, because the identity is fetched from the context token.

Route replacement examples

  • /api/b2b/debtor/address/type/ becomes /store-api/b2b/address/type/
  • /api/b2b/debtor/offer becomes /store-api/b2b/offer
  • /api/b2b/debtor/order becomes /store-api/b2b/order