CLI Setup
The CLI is your tool to connect with your PaaS environment, push changes and trigger deployments etc.

Download & Install

In order to install PaaS CLI, run the following command
curl -sfS | php

Add SSH key

For secure communication between your local machine and your PaaS environment, create a SSH key and add it to your Account using
shopware ssh-key:add
and go through the steps provided. When you run the CLI for the first time, it will ask you to log in via your browser.
You can also generate a SSH key manually and add it in the My profile > SSH Keys section of your PaaS Console.
Set up SSH keys
If unsure, how to create SSH keys, please follow this tutorial provided by GitHub.


Next, you need to authenticate your CLI, which can be done through your browser. Just run the following command and follow the instructions:
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Download & Install
Add SSH key