Build & Deploy
Now that we've set up the repository, we're ready to push changes to your PaaS environment.
The key concept is, that your PaaS project is a git repository. Every time you push to that repository, a new version of your store will be created from the source code and deployed. Different environments (e.g. dev-previews, staging and production) are mapped by corresponding branches.

Push main branch

To push your latest changes, run the following commands from your terminal:
git add .
git commit -m "Applied new configuration"
git push -u platform main
First, we stage all changes and then add them as a new commit. Afterwards we push them to our platform origin (remember, the one for our PaaS environment) on the main branch.
This will trigger a new build with a subsequent deploy, consisting of the following (and more) steps.
Configuration validation
Hold app requests
Build container image
Unmount live containers
Installing dependecies
Mount file systems
Run build hook
Building app image
Serve requests
After both steps have been executed successfully (you will get extensive logging about the process), you will be able to see the deploymed store on a link presented at the end of the deployment.

First deployment

Theme Assets
It is a known issue, that after the first deployment, theme assets are not compiled during the deployment. For that reason, your store will look unstyled. The Theme Build section explains how to resolve that issue.
The first time the site is deployed, Shopware's command line installer will run and initialize Shopware. It will not run again unless the installer/installed file is removed. Do not remove that file unless you want the installer to run on the next deploy.
The installer will create an administrator account with the default credentials
Make sure to change this password immediately in your administration account settings. Not doing so is a security risk.
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