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Environment requirements

Environment requirements

Shopware Frontends requires a Node.js runtime environment. Besides that, for development you can use your favourite package manager.

Shopware API

Shopware Frontends does not differ between provisioning of the Shopware API. Both, cloud and self-managed Shopware 6 instances are supported.

Every development instance / setup template is pre-configured with a public demo API. That way you don't have to set up a Shopware instance yourself.

Install Shopware 6
Set up Shopware 6 for development


For an ideal development experience, we recommend using VSCode with the following extensions

  • Vue Language Features (Vue.volar)
  • Prettier - Code Formatter (esbenp.prettier-vscode)
  • TS and JS Language Features (vscode.typescript-language-features)

If you are using the demo-store-template, we also recommend the following extension

  • UnoCSS (antfu.unocss)


Shopware Frontends requires a Node.js runtime environment.

Supported versions:

  • v20.x LTS
  • v18.x - maintenance


Use Node Version Manager to manage a Node.js version locally.

"Supported" signifies the framework is developed, run, and tested on mentioned versions.

Package manager

Supported managers:

  • pnpm - recommended
  • npm
  • yarn


npm package manager is available out of the box with Node.js installed. Other managers need manual installation.