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Theme with Bootstrap styling

Theme with Bootstrap styling


The Shopware default theme is using Bootstrap with additional custom styling. But sometimes you want to develop a theme without the Shopware default styling.

Theme without Shopware default styling

If you want to build your theme only upon the Bootstrap SCSS you can use the @StorefrontBootstrap placeholder instead of the @Storefront bundle in the style section of your theme.json. This gives you the ability to use the Bootstrap SCSS without the Shopware Storefront "skin". Therefore all the SCSS from <plugin root>src/Storefront/Resources/app/storefront/src/scss/skin will not be available in your theme.

// <plugin root>/src/Resources/theme.jsonon
  "style": [


  • This option can only be used in the style section of the theme.json. You must not use it in views or script.
  • All theme variables like $sw-color-brand-primary are also available when using the Bootstrap option.
  • You can only use either @StorefrontBootstrap or @Storefront. They should not be used at the same time. The @Storefront bundle includes the Bootstrap SCSS already.

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