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Adding Mixins


This documentation chapter will cover how to add a new administration mixin for your plugin. In general, mixins behave the same as they do in Vue normally, differing only in the registration and the way mixins are included in a component. If you want an overview over the shopware provided mixins look at them here: Using Mixins.


All you need for this guide is a running Shopware 6 instance and full access to both the files and a running plugin. Of course you'll have to understand JavaScript, but that's a prerequisite for Shopware as a whole and will not be taught as part of this documentation. As stated before mixins in Shopware are basically the same as in Vue, so you should have read their documentation on them first.

Register a new Mixin

For this example, we'll just use the example mixin from the VueJS documentation and adjust it to be used in Shopware.

Mixins in Shopware have to be registered in the mixin registry via the Mixin.register function to be available everywhere in the administration.

Converting the Vue mixin to be used in Shopware looks like the example seen below:

// <administration root>/mixins/swag-basic-example.js
// get the Mixin property of the shopware object
const { Mixin } = Shopware;

// give the mixin a name and feed it into the register function as the second argunment
Mixin.register('swag-basic-mixin', {
    created: function () {
    methods: {
        hello: function () {
            console.log('hello from mixin!')

Importing the Mixin in the Plugin

Now that we have registered the mixin, we need to import it at the top of our main.js file.

// <administration root>/src/main.js
import '<administration root>/mixins/swag-basic-example.js'

Using the Mixin

After registering our mixin under a name, we can get it from the registry with the Mixin.getByName function and inject it into our component as seen below.

// <administration root>/components/swag-basic-example/index.js
const { Component, Mixin } = Shopware;

Component.register('swag-basic-example', {

    mixins: [

This can also be done with Shopware provided mixins, learn more about them here: Using Mixins

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