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Add custom action button

Add custom action button

One extension possibility in the administration is the ability to add custom action buttons to the smartbar. For now, you can add them in the smartbar of detail and list views:

Custom action buttons in the Administration

To get those buttons, you start in the admin section of your manifest file. There you can define <action-button> elements in order to add your button, as seen as below:

// manifest.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
        <action-button action="setPromotion" entity="promotion" view="detail" url="">
            <label>set Promotion</label>
        <action-button action="deletePromotion" entity="promotion" view="detail" url="">
            <label>delete Promotion</label>
        <action-button action="restockProduct" entity="product" view="list" url="">

For a complete reference of the structure of the manifest file take a look at the Manifest reference.

An action button must have the following attributes:

  • action: Unique identifier for the action, can be set freely.
  • entity: Here you define which entity you're working on.
  • view: detailor list; to set the view the button should be added to. Currently, you can choose between detail and listing view.

When the user clicks on the action button your app receives a request similar to the one generated by a webhook. The main difference is that it contains the name of the entity and an array of ids that the user selected (or an array containing just a single id in case the detail page).

A sample payload may look like the following:


Again you can verify the authenticity of the incoming request, like with webhooks, by checking the shopware-shop-signature it too contains the sha256 hmac of the request body, that is signed with the secret your app assigned the shop during the registration.