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Release notes Shopware


Release notes Shopware


This patch release contains 13 bug fixes.

System requirements

  • tested on PHP 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3
  • tested on MySQL 8.0.33, MariaDB 10.4. 10.5, 10.11 & 11.0

Fixed bugs

  • NEXT-29683 | Admin: Search by document numbers does not work for orders with many (24 votes)
  • NEXT-29167 | API: Single CustomFields cannot be output (13 votes)
  • NEXT-31160 | Media admin: all media-files are declared as "unused medium", regardless of whether and how often they are in use where (12 votes)
  • NEXT-36026 | B2B quick order cannot be uploaded (2 votes)
  • NEXT-36507 | Gutscheincodes nicht als eingelöst markiert bei mehreren Rabattaktionen (1 vote)
  • NEXT-36428 | B2B QuoteManagement: Cover images are not displayed (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36414 | IterateEntityMessage in messenger tasks creates errors and polutes the log (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36288 | [Github] feat: Add event to select variant on product detail page (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36279 | Broken initial pagination of property values in the administration (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36275 | Store-api doesn't return main variant product when parent product is being (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36143 | [Github] feat: resolve extension parameters in compiler passes (0 votes)
  • NEXT-36088 | [Github] Add database profiler on CLI if "--profile" option is used. (0 votes)
  • NEXT-34676 | [Github] Update ProductDetailRoute.php (0 votes)


Thanks to all diligent friends for helping us make Shopware better and better with each pull request!

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