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Hot Module Reloading

Hot Module Reloading


When developing with Shopware, you will probably notice that changes in JavaScript require commands to build the Administration or Storefront, depending on your change using the following commands:

This building process is always time-consuming. Alternatively, to speed up the process, Shopware's Production template offers composer commands to enable Hot Module Reloading/watchers to automatically reload and preview your changes.


This procedure doesn't replace the final build process when you finish developing your feature.

To enable Hot Module Reloading, use the following composer commands:

Environment variables

Using environment variables can also affect Shopware and, therefore, its watchers. Like in Unix, prefixing command calls with a variable set will run the command with the respective change. The following example will run the storefront watcher in production mode:

APP_ENV=prod composer run watch:storefront


When using APP_ENV=dev, Shopware runs in development mode and provides features for debugging - for example, the Symfony toolbar in the Storefront, while its counterpart APP_ENV=prod enables production mode and therefore disables any such tools.


Starting with NodeJS v17.0.0, it prefers IPv6 over IPv4. However, in some setups, IPv6 may cause problems when using watchers. In such cases, setting IPV4FIRST=1 reverts this behavior.