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You can modify the whole appearance of the Storefront within your app. This includes customizing templates, adding custom Javascript and custom styling.

As the Shopware server will build the Storefront, you don't have to set up any external servers for this. All you have to do is include your modifications (in form of .html.twig, .js or .scss files) inside the Resources folder of your app. The base folder structure of your app may look like this:

└── DemoApp
    ├── Resources
    │   ├── app
    │   │   └── storefront
    │   │       └── src
    │   │           ├── scss
    │   │           │   └── base.scss
    │   │           └── main.js
    │   ├── views
    │   │   └── storefront
    │   │       └── ...
    │   └── public
    │       └── ... // public assets go here
    └── manifest.xml

Custom Assets in Apps


Note that this feature was introduced in Shopware, and is not supported in previous versions.

You may want to include custom assets inside your app, like custom fonts, etc. Therefore, place the assets you need in the /Resources/public folder. All files inside this folder are available over the asset-system.