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Generated Reference

Generated Reference

Shopware generates schemas for both HTTP APIs that can be interpreted by API client libraries and documentation tools, such as

These schemas are generated using PHP annotations based on the swagger-php library. When building API extensions, you can also leverage these annotations to let Shopware generate standardized endpoint documentation for your custom endpoints on-the-fly.


Due to security restrictions, your APP_ENV environment variable has to be set to dev to access any of the specifications described below.

Swagger UI

The easiest way to access the generated schema is Swagger UI. Swagger UI is a small library that takes an OpenAPI specification and renders it into a more accessible user interface. Shopware already ships with these user interfaces. They are accessible at the following endpoint relative to their respective base path:


OpenAPI schema

If you don't want to bother with the UI but just fetch the schema definition instead, use the following endpoint:


Entity schema

If you would like to access the schema definitions of all available entities instead of an endpoint reference, use one of the corresponding schema endpoints instead: