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Migrations are PHP classes containing database schema changesets. These changesets can be applied or reverted to bring the database into a certain state. You might know the concept of migrations from other Frameworks or Symfony as well.

Adding migrations to a plugin

For Shopware to recognize additional plugin migrations, they need to be placed in the Migration directory under your plugin's source code root directory.

Each migration filename follows a specific pattern. To ease plugin development, Shopware provides a console command which can be used to generate a correctly named migration file with the default methods needed.

Create migration

Modifying the database

Each migration can have two methods. The update and updateDestructive. The update method must contain only non-destructive changes which can be rolled back at any time. The updateDestructive method can contain destructive changes, like dropping columns or tables, which cannot be reversed. For examples of database migrations, refer to the below guide:

Database migration