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This is an overview of all the mixins provided by the Shopware 6 Administration. Mixins in the Shopware 6 Administration are essentially the same in default Vue. They behave generally the same as they do in Vue normally, differing only in the registration and the way mixins are included in a component. Learn more about them in the official Vue documentation.

If you want to learn how to use them in your plugin, take a look at this guide here or if you want to register your own mixin take a look at this guide

Overview of all the mixins

discard-detail-page-changesMixin which resets entity changes on page leave or if the id of the entity changes. This also affects changes in associations of the entitylink
listingMixin which is used in almost all listing pages to for example keep track of the current page of the administrationlink
notificationThis mixin is used to create notifications in the administrations more easilylink
placeholderProvides a function to localize placeholderslink
positionA Mixin which contains helpers to work with position integerslink
remove-api-errorThis mixin removes API errors e.g. after the user corrected a invalid input i.e. leaving the product name field blanklink
ruleContainerProvides common functions between the sw-condition-or-container and the sw-condition-and-containerlink
salutationA common adapter for the salutation filterlink
sw-form-fieldThis mixin is used to provide common functionality between form fieldslink
sw-inline-snippetMakes it possible to use snippets inlinelink
validationIs used to validate inputs in various form fieldslink