6.4 (current)

Refactor theme inheritance

This document represents an architecture decision record (ADR) and has been mirrored from the ADR section in our Shopware 6 repository. You can find the original version here


Currently the themes can only inherit config fields from the default Storefront theme. Also this inheritence is only a snapshot by activation time of the theme - The configs are copied to the new theme and changes to the default theme config will not appear in the new theme without a re-activation. The different possibilities to inherit different parts of a theme, like scripts, templates and config, can also cause problems on later updates.


To take this points into account we have decided to add a new inheritance key for the configFields in the theme.json which allow a theme to inherit its config from other themes in a given order:
"configInheritance": [
Complete theme.json with part inheritances


The Consequences for the two approaches are described below:

1. New config inheritance:

  • The inheritance can still cause incompatibility errors because of missing subsets of a dependend theme.
  • The current themes will work as always but one can also add an inheritance for the config fields.
  • The inhertiance will no longer be a snapshot, but a dynamic copy of the inherited themes (The changes of child themes will be considered by the new theme automaticaly)
  • The admin for the themes will get an inheritation mechanism which allows users to decide if a field will use its inherited or a new value (simmiliar to productvariant inherited fields)
  • Themes which are dependend on other themes than the default storefront theme, need to add the other themes into there composer.json as required to prevent incomplete setups.
"require": {
"swag/previous-theme": "~1.1"
Example complete composer.json