Architecture Reference

Here are the articles in this section:
Implement architecture decision records
Control clone behavior
Implement sales channel context token requirement
Implement new changelog
Feature flag system
Document template refactoring
Implement app system inside platform
Implement individual sorting
Merchant registration
Handling feature flags
Unified notification titles
Import acl privileges from other roles
Custom field label loading in storefront
The best practice to always re fetch the data after saving
Creating events
DAL join filter
Add login required annotation
Decoration pattern
Removing API version
Deprecation strategy
Nested line items
When to use plain sql or DAL
Introduce eslint on vue admin
Introduce jest fail on console
Move storefront scripts to head
Storefront coding standards
Make platform stand alone
Refactor admin build process to webpack multi compiler mode
Make core mail templates independent from storefront urls
Technical concept custom entities
Refactor theme inheritance
Payment flow
Refund handling
App scripting
Preparing data for rule evaluation
Adjust adr approval rules
Increment pattern
Merge e2e projects into a single project
Add possibility for plugin to add a html file
Admin extension API standards
Add feature flag support for storefront scss
Custom app API endpoints
Feature flags for major versions
Controller configuration route defaults
Rule scripting in apps
Domain exceptions
Consistent deprecation notices in core
Reset class state during requests
Extract data handling classes to extension sdk
New nested line items
Available stock
Base context factory
Cache stampede protection
Initial state id loader
Prevent mail updates
Profiler integrations
Redis cart persister
Specify priority of translations in DAL write payloads
Add default cms layouts to products and categories
Integrate app into flow action
Tax providers
Remove static analysis with psalm
Rule condition field abstraction
Add typescript support for storefront js
Providing the admin extension sdk
Blog concept
Adding the storable flow to implement delay action in flow builder
Add bootstrap util
Mapping of product area
Hide and show cms content
Deprecation handling during phpunit test execution
Test structure
Composer based web updater
Deprecate csrf
Replace drop shadow with box shadow
Run lighthouse test ine2e env
Vue 2.7 update
Atomic theme compilation
Npm packages pre release versions
Image lazy loading
App script product pricing
Deprecate autoload true in DAL associations
Flow storer with scalar values
Follow test pyramid
Unstructured adrs
Native extension system with vue
Admin text editor evaluation
Mocking repositories
Disable css autoprefixer
Jest test files should be javascript only
Exception log levels
YYYY MM DD template