Theme Build
The entire build process is performed without an active database connection. However, for theme builds, Shopware needs to access the theme configuration. We make it available, by checking it into our VCS repository. This process has to performed after you first installed Shopware in your PaaS environment, because it runs a command that requires an existing database which has not been created on the first run.

Dump configuration

First of all, we need to dump the theme configuration
shopware ssh -A app 'bin/console theme:dump'
This will connect to the application through an SSH tunnel and run a command which dumps the theme configuration into the remote files/theme-config/ directory.

Download configuration

Because we want to check the theme configuration into our VCS repository, we have to download it first.
shopware mount:download --mount 'files' --target 'files' -A app
This will download the remote directory files into our local directory files. The -A parameter specifies the app name, which is just app in our case.

Push configuration

Eventually, we add the downloaded configuration and add it to our repository
git add files/theme-config
git commit -m 'Update theme configuration'
git push # platform main
Again, if you push changes to platform main, it will trigger a redeploy. After this, your theme assets will be compiled properly and the deployed store looks fine.
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