Guided Shopping

Guided Shopping is the state-of-the-art new feature that seamlessly integrates into your Shopware system landscape and co-operates with your existing ecommerce infrastructure.
You can create interactive live video events for your customers straight from your Shopware website without having to switch between a presentation tool, video conferencing system, and store system. It is one sophisticated solution to highlight your products, engage your customers and reinforce brand loyalty.
Guided Shopping is a commercial extension and is not available as open source.


Review the below minimum operating requirements before you install the Guided Shopping feature:
  • Instance of Shopware 6 (version and above).
The compliant Node.js version for PWA setup is v14.0.0 to v16.0.0.
  • Instance of Shopware PWA(version 1.2.0 and above).
  • Install and activate PWA plugin(version 0.3.3 and above) in Shopware 6 instance.
  • Install Mercure package(version 0.5.3) in Shopware 6 instance.
# To install Mercure 0.5.3, use the following command
composer require symfony/mercure ^0.5.3